How to Keep Your Luggage Safe

By | July 25, 2021

When you move long distance, you may discover that one suitcase will be holding too much if you travel with several bags. Pack enough for your day with just a little extra. You can also add nappies or wet wipes to this suitcase to come up just in case.

If you have small children who might need help getting some of their things, pack those in a troop along with the many other things you will need. Do not throw everything into this suitcase if you think something might need to be done. Suitcases are very helpful for this, but keep in mind that airline restrictions and height restrictions may have changed or will create flight complications.

If your newest purchase is a used suitcase or one that has been recently renovated (or ‘re-vamped’), you’re in for a big surprise.ump-oh. Transferring it will take a long time and a lot of heat and pressure. To minimize damage to contents, clean the interior drawers and shelves. Do this before placing everything in the suitcase, including gemstones. Purchase a zirn (pronounced ‘zar-nee-heim’) so you can mark the outside of the suitcase and store it that way. Once the suitcase is packed, place a towel inside so that it will be less likely to be knocked about. Always bring wet ones and dry ones for the rainy days. Keep extra Ziploc bags for this and anything else you pick up. They come in handy for this and everything else.

For items that must stay closed and hidden, use burp cloths to seal them. Place fishing line over them to hold them closed. Revive a sleeping bag or Roll-on type plastic container over the items to protect them. By keeping the list of things needed on your own and reviewing it before packing, you’ll arrive on the other side of the airport with no-one to hassle you or water up your clothes. Happy travels!

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