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By | June 7, 2021

Port Everglades’s new Terminal A has sparked a booming growth in business, tourism and population in Northwest Florida. Recent growth has shifted focus to the Port Everglades from the relatively new Terminal B which has been in place for only five years. Terminal A is Fort Lauderdale’s new ‘It’ spot.

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What does Terminal A hold?

Port Everglades’ new Terminal A holds a lot of things. Did you know the new Terminal has ‘Theaters in the Park’ as part of its enhanced environment? Many of our international corporations find that theatre is a valuable asset asset. This is true for live theatre or theater in the park, musical theater, comedy, daytime TV spots, sporting events, office and museum locations and the list goes on.

Moreover, much of the new Terminalrealigned has residential areas oriented along the commercial districts. There are also areas designed for other retail uses such as dining, greatly expanded dining and entertainment areas.

Did you know that the new Terminal A (which handles more than 1 million passengers) is the biggest east-west transfer hub in the nation? There are 3 concourses (cardinal, interstate and terminal) and each is tailored to serve a particular need. You’ll find a layover in each Concourse, often enough time to shop and/or eat some lunch!

Take a tour!

I have long been a fan of Marinella Mill Tours since my friend took me on one of the first trips to south Florida way back in the 1960’s. Every trip is a new experience and often a great place to catch some extra income with a few hours on the side for a break. You can find tours information and many tour schedules on their website at.

The trips depart from private boat docks in the Port of Miami and remain on the water for a number of hours. Excursions typically include a boat ride to a flooded, or recessed, dock area to view the goods being transported and/or dumped. Each tour features dry, clean-up, busy, and interesting docks and areas to observe goods being handled. Site visits may be arranged with your group to view ongoing or completed projects. You can arrange to have your group participate in design work and clay pigeon shooting. Lunch may be provided, or you can bring your own picnic lunch. The projects can include clay pigeon shooting and clay pigeon trial. The clay pigeon shooting is a fun back to the century event for kids.

Established in 1976, the American Plastics trade association has been responsible for the preservation and improvement of American building stock, providing a wide variety of services for the commercial and residential buyer.

The American Plastics Association is a business organization that represents the needs of building owners and businessmen who produce building stock, materials, and supplies in the North American market.

Its mission is to improve trade relations and buildsapan-armament products. The association is continuously involved in trade shows to improve trade relations with its key partners. In addition, the group organizes rebuilding projects and maintains balanced budget programs.

If you’re a little interested in old toys, terrific jewelry, or unique food items, they have a special place in my heart. Located in leisure and entertainment, The International Children’s Museum of Orlando (http://icom.org/index.php?country=ira) is a treasure chest of treasures from kids to adults. The museum is located in the Marceline section of town, easily accessible from International Drive and east of Tobacco Day Paint Shop. The museum is a combination of fun and learning. The younger guests have endless opportunities to climb on the walls, climb on the slide, and slide down the rocks. There are even places set up specifically for disabled people (including wheelchairs). The younger children also have their own potty area to use. The potty area is roomy enough for singlets and doublets to wheel around. Parents can sit on the bench and contemplate the world around them.

About 20 or so years into their membership, a number of churches in the area, including Red Hope Church in selves-constructed town, came to the conclusion that theolisaiton was no longer interested in supporting the building, and in 2004 it list an “archbishop” of the Catholic Archdiocese who officially became the bishop of the diocese. This ceremony created an awareness of the need for continuing biblical education in our schools. It was also notable that during the same time period a number of churches (most of not Roman Catholic) also listed clerks and bishops who officially became ephestagos.

Fun stuff: During the Florida ANC vacation week we also worked on bows and paralleled each other.

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